Children’s News

Welcome to all the new children who have joined us this year. We look forward to sharing your discoveries and adventures.

Watch this page for special events!

We had a crocodile come visit us at playsession and we are learning a special song to celebrate Chomp’s visit:



Thank you to the Educators, Families and children who  supported playsession at our Miller St. “home” over the years. Special thanks must also go to the brilliant Angela Harris, our “retiring” playsession facilitator who provided the children with so many wonderful play environments and experiences!

Playsession and the move…

Our move to the CBD in April 2016 left us without a home base to provide playsession and the search began for a new venue.

Two and a half months later ,thanks to the generosity of preschool colleagues, we can announce


As of 21st July 2016 AFDC will begin a new playsession partnership with Armidale Community Preschool in Allingham St.

Armidale Community Preschool  Director, Sue Motley, the Staff and Management Committee have generously agreed to host AFDC playsessions on Thursday mornings during school terms.

We are all looking forward to exploring their wonderful learning environment and resources.

Playsession will run on Thursdays between 9.30am and 11.30am.