Our policies reflect National Education and Care Services Regulations, Law, Standards and Service Philosophy. They also incorporate advice from authorities such as the Health Department, the RMS, Kidsafe, the Cancer Council (Sunsmart) and requirements of legislation pertaining to Workplace Health and Safety.

They are regularly reviewed and updated and they are ratified by our Board of Directors.

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Policy and Procedure Index

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Administration of First Aid
Assessment and approval and reassessment of Educator’s premises policy

Authorisation and Refusals Policy
Code of Conduct
Child Protection Policy
Complaints Handling Policy
Dealing with Infectious Diseases
Dealing with Medical Conditions Policy

Delivery and Collection of Children and Parental Access Policy

Determining the Responsible Person Present Policy
Educator’s Assistant Policy
Enrolment Orientation Policy
Emergency Evacuation Policy
Excursion Policy inc Motor Vehicle Policy

Governance Policy

Home Visit Policy
Incident Injury Trauma and Illness Policy
Wellbeing and Resilience Policy (Interactions with children)
Keeping a Register of Family Day Care Educators
Nutrition, Food, Beverage and Dietary Requirements

Payment of Fees Policy

Recruitment of Educators Policy Review
Student policy
Training and Professional Learning Policy
Visitors policy
Water Safety Policy
Inclusion Policy
Sustainability Policy
Social Media Policy 
Educational Programme and Practice Policy
Privacy Policy
Administering Medication Procedure
Bathing Babies and Young Children Procedure
Confidentiality Procedure
De-registration procedure
Flexitime for Educators Procedure
Infection Control and Hand washing Procedure
Management of Records
Marketing Procedure

Nappy Change Procedure

Pet Management Procedure
Photo and Camera Procedure
Placement Procedure
Relief Care Procedure
Safe Sleeping Procedure

Supervision Procedure

WHS for educators

Policies are reviewed when due, when changes are made to related Regulations, Laws and Standards/ or on the advice of key reference groups.
Educators are invited to participate in policy and procedure review. Families are provided two weeks notice of changes to policies and procedures (via email) once the changes have been ratified by AFDC’s Board.