Guyra is located to one side of the Mother of Ducks Lagoon which is contained within the 14 kilometre wide crater of an extinct volcano. Guyra is a comfortable 38 km north of Armidale, and there is constant evidence of its location on a volcanic uplift of the Northern Tablelands.

The Anaiwan and Gumbayniggir people are traditional inhabitants of Guyra and its surrounds. At 1330m above sea level, Guyra is the highest town in the New England High Country, known for its cold winters and pretty snowfalls.

The surrounding farmlands are renowned for producing some of Australia’s finest beef and lamb, along with premium potatoes and vine-ripened glasshouse tomatoes, providing the economic base for the town as a service centre. There are plenty of cafes, restaurants and country pubs.

Armidale Family Day Care has maintained a high number of Educators in Guyra since its establishment in 1983. We are proud to have been able to provide high quality, flexible child care to families in Guyra, its surrounding villages and properties. We primarily provide child care to families who are delivering essential services, working in hospitality and providing food for our region and the broader nation.

Of the 18 local child care professionals who Armidale Family Day Care have supported in establishing their profitable, home based businesses since 1983, some current Educators have been working with us for almost 20 years. Educators come from a diverse range of cultural and professional backgrounds, all sharing one commonality – a passion for children.

While centre-based care is available in Guyra, our Armidale Family Day Care Educators’ home based environment provides families with the opportunity to place non-school aged children and school aged care children into care together when they need to, an important consideration when families need after school care and vacation care.

Armidale Family Day Care team is excited to be able to announce that we are currently in the process of registering additional Educators in Guyra so that we can offer a wider range of care options and experiences to children and their families.