Walcha is located at the crossroads of the Oxley Highway and Thunderbolt’s Way, and boasts some of Australia’s most spectacular countryside. The area features highly productive pasture lands and a labyrinth of gorges containing sheer cliffs and waterfalls.

The Anaiwan and Dunghutti people have lived in this region for about 6000 years and in the colder months returned to the east, where fish and animals were plentiful; there were places for ceremonies and trade of goods and there are traces of bora grounds near Walcha.

Walcha is an artistically and culturally rich township, abundant with public art. Many local artists are internationally renowned.

Wool production has made the Walcha area famous throughout Europe and Asia and prime lamb and beef are both produced and traded within the Walcha area. Since 2009 there has also been a rebirth of the dairy industry. The timber industry is deeply embedded in the history of Walcha and still contributes greatly to the local economy. Timber and agricultural industries created the need for a local freight industry, which has grown and thrived over the years. Freight and transport companies are some of Walcha’s largest employers, along with a substantial bus company. Transport companies are heavily reliant on Roads and Maritime Services, which are also based locally.

Armidale Family Day Care has supported the provision of child care for families working in all facets of Walcha’s artistic, professional and industrial theatres for over 22 years. We have assisted 15 Educators from a diverse range of backgrounds, to establish home based businesses, all with one thing in common, a passion for children and their early childhood education. We currently have four Educators providing family day care in Walcha.

As is the case in other centres in which Armidale Family Day Care operates, our Armidale Family Day Care Educators’ home based environment provide families with the opportunity to place non-school aged children and school aged children together as the need arises, an important consideration for children requiring after school care and vacation care.