Fun Ideas

Published: 02 Jun 2022

The children at Annettes Family Day Care made Collage cockatoos, inspired by the book, ‘Family Tree’ by Josh Pyke. A wonderful fine motor experience, transferring what we see in the books we love, onto paper.

Bringing elements of nature into play is a great way for children to explore their environment and develop a love for nature. Children at Armidale Family Day Care use natural elements in their play as they explore their senses- sight, smell, touch as well as use their imagination as they re purpose dirt, sand, pinecones into whatever their hearts desire!

Our creative Educator thought outside the box for mother’s day, using magnetic tiles to dress the people drawn on the paper! A great way for children to explore shapes & early mathematical processes.

The children in Walcha expanding on a group interest, the life cycle of a butterfly! The children created a carboard and cellophane butterfly, cocoon and caterpillar. Once their work was displayed on the window they explored colour, shapes and light & shadows.